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Magic Baby Bowl™

Magic Baby Bowl™

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Do you want to feed your little one(s) without a huge mess?

It's easier than ever! The Magic Baby Bowl is the perfect solution to avoid spilling food around. The new Magic Baby Bowl saves a lot of time and wasted food by rotating in any direction to stay level with the floor.

You can imagine the scenario!

You give the little one(s) something to eat, but as soon as you turn around, it's all over the ground. This has an end thanks to our innovative Magic Baby Bowl!

Those times are over now!

The Magic Baby Bowl comes equipped with a full 360° gyroscopic rotating bowl and keeps your baby's food in the bowl - and off the floor - no matter which way it turns!

Magic Baby Bowl VS Standard Bowl:

5 Proven Benefits

 [Parent-Friendly] - Spill-proof, Spend less time cleaning and more valuable time with your baby

 [Safe] - FDA Approved & BPA Free, perfect for kids of all ages

 [Durable] - Shock resitant and highly-durable

 [Fun for the Kids] - Eating with a twist thanks to 360 degrees rotating bowl

 [Use Everywhere] - Perfect for home, travel or picnic

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